Eugenio Flores Reyes



He was selected for a group exhibition where only the best students from the National School of Painting and Sculpture participated, at the request of the Academy of Fine Arts in Prague with 3 oil paintings and 6 charcoal drawings, this same exhibition later moved to Germany , being a success in his career.

His last university job was in the José María La Fragua library and in the Juan N. Troncoso newspaper archive, in charge of the rare and valuable books department. The Director of the library was Professor Enrique Aguirre Carrasco, who always treated him with great kindness and respect, frequently provided him with books, so much was his application in this work, that a botanical collection bears his name.

The Book of National Biological Collections of the Institute of Biology, UNAM, National Herbarium of Mexico, from 1991, It is cited as the Eugenio Flores Collection.

Born in Villa Matamoros, Chihuahua, June 15, 1940.

JUNE 1965

Still a student, Eugenio Flores Reyes participates in the first intramural contest of Plastic arts of the National School of Painting and sculpture of the INBA.

He is awarded the first prize for engraving and drawing as well as the honorable mention in sculpture.



Around the 70s to 1982 after entering as a teacher at the Autonomous University of Puebla and according to his experience in art, the Rector Sergio Flores Suárez commissioned him to take charge of the Artistic and Historical Heritage of the Old Academy of Fine Arts, also grant him the appointment of Head of Museums of the Autonomous University of Puebla, thanks to his excellent effort for the preservation of artistic works, several recognitions were extended to him.